Travellers Trophy

UK K6 owners competing at any K6 Class Association arranged event listed on this website, away from their home club, will score points towards an annual Travellers Trophy.

The Winner will be presented with the Trophy at the K6 Nationals each year.

2023 qualifying events were:

  • Inland K6 Championships, Oxford – 1~2 April
  • Aldeburgh Open – 20~21 May
  • * Lord Birkitt Trophy, Ullswater – 1~2 July
  • Aldeburgh Regatta – 13~19 August
  • National K6 Championships, Torbay – 21~24 Sept

Details and entry to 2024 Travellers Trophy events will be listed on the Events Page in due course.


  1. Attending and starting a UK event will score 10 points plus points equal to their finishing position based on the number of K6 boats completing. For example, a K6 event with 12 K6s competing will be scored 1st – 12, 2nd – 11, 3rd – 10, 4th – 9 and so on, a traveller K6 finishing 6th would score 10+7 points;
  2. National Championships and European events count double points both for attending and starting, and finishing scores;
  3. * For qualifying non K6 specific events listed on this website, each K6 competitor will score 10 points for attending and starting, plus points equal to each boat’s finish position, based on the number of K6s competing. For example, if only one K6 competes its score will be 10+1, if 5 K6s compete, scores will be 1st – 5, 2nd – 4 etc…;
  4. In the event of equal scores the number of higher placings at events will count; if a tie continues, the placings between the tied boats will determine the outcome.

Final positions, following the Nationals at Torbay on 21~24 Sept, are shown below. Congratulations Tony Harper!

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