Sailing Chandlery K6 Inland Championships 2023

April 1st - April 2nd 2023 , Oxford SC

Fourteen K6s took part in the Sailing Chandlery Inland Championships. Three races were run on the Saturday over a windward-leeward course in 10 gusting 15 knots of breeze.

Miles the race officer set a good line with slight port bias. Harry and George Barker led at the first mark but a slip knot in the spinnaker downhaul prevented the spinnaker from fully opening from the chute which enabled Ian Robson, crewed by Sandy Johnson, to sail by and lead for the rest of the three laps of the race. Mike Truman crewed by James Bennett finished third.

Race two, again had Harry B first around the windward mark, hotly pursued by Mike T who, with great spinnaker work, got into the lead by the leeward mark. The places were again reversed at the top mark and again at the leeward mark. With Mike hanging onto first at the finish. Richard Harvey who sailed three up with Kate Franklin and Mick Steer finished third.

Race three from another excellent laid start had Harry B rounding the windward mark first with Richard H very close behind. Richard was slightly faster upwind, possibly due to the extra weight onboard, and led at each subsequent windward mark with Harry B leading at the leeward mark, which was how the race conclude with Ian R finishing third.

A great social meal, organised by John Tabor, was held at the Vine Inn, Cumnor and all were ready for the second three races on Sunday.

The wind had gone slightly left to NNE and initially was also slightly less at only 8 gusting 12 knots. For race four on Sunday morning. The windward mark was closer to the shore and some significant wind shifts were seen during the race.

Following another good start Harry B rounded the first mark second just behind Richard H who both went down the middle of the run. Grant Blake crewed by Charlie Merriweather found good pressure on the right side of the run and planed into the leeward mark in first place. Following a number of wind shifts and poor fleet management Harry B found himself in the middle of the feet at the second windward mark.

Meanwhile Richard H had regained the lead from Grant and Ian R had consolidated third place. More wind shifts on the third beat enabled Harry B to close on the windward mark on Starboard which was unfortunate for Dan Robins crewed by Tony Harper who were having a great race in third place as they came to the mark on port. With some skilful helming from all a collision was avoided and Dan took a penalty turn. Richard H took a well deserved first with Grant second and Ian third.

Race four the line was square and so it was a bit congested at the committee boat. Harry B led at the windward mark with Mike T very close behind. Mike gained the lead downwind but lost it up wind, however on the final lap Harry B hung onto the lead and won the race. Richard H finished third.

For the final race the wind had backed to the north and the windward mark was moved away from the shore to suit. The start line corresponding had significant port bias which enabled Harry B to get a great start near the pin. He then led for the entire race keeping a close cover on Richard H who finished in third as Ian R had snuck into second place.

Overall, Harry and George were first, with Ian and Sandy second only one point less than Richard, Kate and Mick in third.

Miles Roebuck and his team on the committee boat did a fantastic job of running the races and his mark layers had to work hard moving the windward and pin end buoy with the changing wind direction. Thanks also to Adrian Howe who took the excellent photos on Sunday.

The prize-winners greatly appreciated the sponsorship from Sailing Chandlery and Harry B will be ordering a trapeze harness from them this week for his 49er sailing. A special mention must go to Grant and Charlie who were sailing Grant’s K6 Risqué for the first time this weekend and despite not having the newest of sails were very quick and will be a team to watch at future regattas.

2023 Oxford

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