K6 in the USA

American Yacht Club - New York

The K6 fleet at American Yacht Club (Rye, NY) is one of the largest concentrations of small one-design sportboats in the U.S. with 19 individually owned boats.  The fleet has now completed its fourth season and enthusiasm remains high – over 60 races per season, and new people and boats continuing to join the fleet. In addition to the boats at American, there are K6s in Boston (MIT?) and San Francisco.

After a yearlong selection process AYC chose the K6 as a new one-design for the club in late 2006 based on the boat’s combination of terrific performance, crew versatility, and moderate cost of ownership. The K6 sails well in the light airs of Western Long Island Sound, and is a ton of fun yet very controllable and when the breeze is up. Importantly, the K6 can be sailed by a wide range of crews. Mostly our fleet sails with two, but crews of three smaller people are common, and we often have family members sailing and women skippering as well as crewing. This versatility makes it much easier to get boats on the line regularly.

To complement the boat the fleet at AYC has developed a racing program that is focused on high quality local racing and time efficiency. With nearly 20 boats in the fleet one can race against 10+ boats on a regular basis without having to take an entire weekend to disassemble the boat and trail it somewhere. The centerpiece of the schedule is the roughly every other weekend Sunday Series that is held right off Milton Harbor to minimize time wasted sailing to and from the start. Multiple races are run in quick succession, with 4 -6 races typically completed in two hours. This is open to non-members and is complemented with starts in multi-class events such as AYC’s HPDO, the Newport Regatta, and certain YRA events.  Finally, we also race with the European K6 fleets.  In 2007 and 2010 a group of British K6 sailors came to American and in 2011 members of our fleet will travel to Europe to sail in K6 regattas in England and Lake Garda, Italy.

2011 K6 US Schedule:




April 9 – 11

Charleston Race Week - Investigating bulk transport for 8 - 10 boats


Sunday, May 15

Sunday Series* - Multiple short races

1400 Warning

Sunday, May 22

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

May 29 - 30

Skip Whyte Clinic*


Sunday, Jun 12

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Sunday, Jun 26

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Sunday, Jul 03

AYC Independence Day Regatta (Sunday only)*


June 27 - July 1

Lake Garda Regatta


July 9 - 10

Newport Regatta


Sunday, Jul 24

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Aug. 6 - 7

YRA OD Champs out of AYC*


Sunday, Aug 14

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Sunday, Sep 04

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Sept. 17-20

K6 UK Nationals

Falmouth, UK

Sunday, Sep 18

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning

Oct. 8 - 9

High Performance Dinghy Open*

Rye, NY

Sunday, Oct 23

Sunday Series*

1400 Warning


* Sailed out of American YC, Rye NY



For more information contact: Jim Wilson, US Fleet Head

K6 on the West Coast

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